Ancient Egyptian Costume

Our costumes are made of white cotton. This is a natural fabric and slight imperfections are normal.  The collars and boy’s belt/apron are made from stiffened metallic fabric which can be decorated further if required.  The girl’s apron is made of muslin and ribbon.  The apron, belt and collar colours will vary. Sandals would be the most appropriate footwear (not provided).  

For a headdress (not included) a band of cord or braid could be worn high on the forehead and tied at the back.  Boys could make a youth lock (a thick plait of hair left growing on the side of an otherwise shaven head).  Several strands of wool could be plaited together, attached to a hair clip, then securely fixed to the hair or circlet.

We do not recommend black eye-paint. Although authentic, it can get very messy and some children may be allergic to it.

Price + postage & packing (£3.95): 

Egyptian Child £26.00
   Belt & Tunic only    £18.00
   Collar only    £8.50
Egyptian Adult £38.40  (£32.00 + £6.40 VAT)
   Tunic & Belt only    £28.20   (£23.50 + £4.70 VAT)
   Collar only    £10.80   (£9.00 + £1.80 VAT)


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