Ancient Greek Costume

The Ancient Greeks wore simply designed clothes made from natural materials such as linen, cotton, wool and leather. 

The tunic (chiton) was the main garment for both men and women. This was a loose, free-fitting garment made from a simple rectangle of cloth fastened with brooches.  It was belted around the waist, often with cord.    A cloak (himation) was added, to protect the wearer from the elements or just for extra warmth indoors.  The himation was worn over one shoulder so that it covered the torso and it was also fastened with a brooch.  Both men and women would have worn sandals (not provided) or gone barefoot.

The costume has a tunic made from cotton or poly-cotton, which is machine washable.  The boys’ costumes are white tunics (made in a natural fabric in which small imperfections are quite normal).   The girls’ tunics are in various pastel colours.

For safety reasons, buttons have been sewn on to fasten the top of the chiton and the himation, rather than brooches.   The cloak is made from mainly natural fibres (eg: wool or linen), which is probably better hand washed.  Colours will vary.

Price + postage & packing (£3.95): 

Greek Child £26.00
    Belt & Tunic only    £18.00
    Himation only    £8.50
Greek Adult £38.40  (£32.00 + £6.40 VAT)
    Tunic & Belt only    £28.20  (£23.50 + £4.70 VAT)
    Himation only    £10.80  (£9.00 + £1.80 VAT)


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